Successful Handling of Eureka Forbes AquaSure Complaints

EFL always tries to handle the consumer’s complaints in the most effective way.

Things can go wrong from a consumer’s viewpoint when it comes to using a consumer durable product. Eureka Forbes, since its inception in the year 1982, has constantly striven to deliver excellent customer care support. Today over 40 million consumers use its products with purifiers alone, constituting over 10 million.

So, you are using a AquaSure purifier. When have you installed your appliance? Are you following proper maintenance measures? The most vital components in any advanced purification system are the filter cartridges. As long as they are not clogged, not damaged, and their life not over, forbes you will continue getting pure and safe H2O from its faucet. If they require replacement, dial the Eureka Forbes customer care number so that the technician turns up at your home for the task. Ensure that only genuine filters from the company are used. There are other maintenance factors that you should also take into consideration. If you read the user manual, you will know every detail related to the maintenance of your Eureka Forbes AquaSure water purifier.

The company is never dismissive about the consumer’s complaint; it only takes it as an opportunity to serve the consumers better. Successful handling of every complaint is what Eureka Forbes customer care executives have been trained to perform. This measure has only increased the company’s brand loyalty. Each complaint placed is likened to similar problems experienced by other consumers as well. The company takes into consideration such factors, especially of technical snags, during product development so as to reduce the frequency of such complaints in the future.

Eureka Forbes customer care executives have been trained to handle every complaint courteously and sympathetically. Swift processing of every complaint is always assured. The company runs an established procedure for dealing with customer complaints.

Once you place a complaint related to your Eureka Forbes AquaSure purifier, dani-info the company’s executive at the other end on phone will:
• Listen sympathetically to what you complain
• Note the details of the request or complaint
• Takes note of your sales receipt details including date of buying the product
• Offer rectification accordingly based on warranty terms and conditions
• Confirms later of your availability at the specified address for the technician to turn up at your home
• Follow-up action to know if the problem has been resolved.

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