Ways to Get Your Chopper Motorcycle Painted

Shop That Specializes In Painting of Chopper Motorcycles

The first way is to find a shop dewa52 that specializes in painting of motorcycles. The first way is very easy but it is quite expensive. There are various shops which engaged in painting motorcycles. You will also find these types of shops on internet. In these types of painting shops, you will get a wide range of latest and hottest designs to suit anyone’s taste. There designs ranges from single color to multi color paintings with extra graphical effect. shopchopper

Painting Your bike Yourself at Home

Self painting is not a bad idea. You can paint your motorcycle at home. Self-painting is very economical but quite difficult and can be a hassle for you. Painting your bike at home is quite difficult but not impossible. You can paint at home if you have some knowledge about painting, art, armorelectrical designs etc. but their might be some question in your mind before you start painting, like how to use the paint, tools required, what should be the designs, how much you should spend on the whole project.

Following are the important steps that guide you to paint your chopper motorcycle.

These steps contain all the basic as well as technical information which is required to paint the bike at home. Painting your motorcycle is not very difficult. You can easily paint it by yourself, kofitravelsafaris if you follow these steps.


1. Buy a custom painting manual guide
2. Buying basic tools
3. Dismantle your chopper motorcycle
4. Sanding
5. Washing the parts before you start painting
6. Base coat
7. Final coating
8. Dry out the paint
9. Painting the helmet
10. Problems after final coating and drying
11. Drawing latest and hottest designs allaboutkampala on your chopper motorcycle
12. Wax coating
13. Assemble your chopper motorcycle
14. Washing your chopper motorcycle after assembling
15. Remove the paint from the engine weburban


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