Ten Handy iPad Tips and Tricks

So you got an iPad for the holiday lucky you! Now, Tech Tips and Tricks what do you do with it? You probably know there are close to a zillion things you can do with your device – watch movies, read the newspaper, take pictures, play games – and lots more. But both tech-savvy people and virtual neophytes could always benefit from a few how-to tips and tricks. So, here are 10 of them:

1. Create folders – To create a folder on your iPad, just tap and hold your finger on an App until all of the Apps start to wiggle – then drag the App over another icon, bjak and lift your finger off of the screen. The folder will be created to include both Apps in it, and can be named and renamed as you desire.

2. Safeguard your data – You can enable a function that will delete every bit of information on your iPad in the case that someone mis-enters your pass-code 10 times. Simply go to Settings>General>Passcode Lock>Erase Data.

3. Minimize – or maximize – your notifications: thecoininfinity How annoying is it to be engrossed in an important news story only to be inundated with a stream of pop-up notifications? Try controlling which notifications your receive – and make that zero if you want – by going to Settings>Notifications and then configuring the alerts you receive and their associated sounds.

4. Join a Wi-Fi Network only when you want to: techyana Tired of being bugged by pop-ups asking if you’d like to join a network? Just go to Settings>Wi-Fi and disable Ask to Join Networks. Then, join one only when you feel like it by revisiting this screen – you will no longer be notified every single time a chance to do so arises.

5. Exchange your kepypad for an Apple keyboard: If you are nostalgic for a real keyboard, you’ll be glad to know that you can simply use any Bluetooth keyboard, as all Apple wireless keyboards are compatible with it.

6. Watch your iPad 2 activity on your TV: homewithally With the Apple’s new Digital AV adapter, or a regular Apple VGA Adapter, you can connect your iPad2 to your High-Definition television – both which you can find at the Apple Store.

7. Manage your time with a Google Calendar: The iPad’s already got a calendar App, Daytimestar but you can merge your Google Calendar with it, too. Simply navigate to Settings>Mail>Contacts> Calendars. Then, add an account and tap Other. Next, tap Add CalDAV Account, and enter your Google credentials. When you exit Settings and tap on the calendar App, your events will automatically flood into your iPad calendar. treecutting

8. Print from your device: With Airprint, you can actually print right from your iPad (with an Airprint-ready printer). Just navigate to the Share menu and select Print.

9. Turn on Caps Lock: Instead of wasting time by tapping on Shift and then a letter every time you need a capital, just enable caps lock by double-tapping on the Shift key.

10. Use a thesaurus: Great for a quick typo fix or for finding a different word to use, simply hold onto a word and wait for the Replace option to pop up. You can then choose from a list of alternate suggestions.

This is a mere trifle, trendyworld compared to the treasure-trove of handy tips and tricks you can perform to make the most of your iPad. Be sure to check out online tech forums as well as Apple’s site for others – and of course, be ready for a whole new evolution of capabilities with the upcoming iPad 3.


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