Your mind does not belong to you

Your mind does not belong to you. Does that make sense? thegreatermind Does it bother you? Would you like to take it back?

When you were born, you have no control over the input into your mind. Your parents minds and thoughts were fed into your mind until your mind became a reflection of theirs. Their beliefs, San Francisco Property management their perceptions of the world, become yours as they continued to teach you.

These beliefs were then be used by your subconscious mind to be the standard against which you compared all future information. The significant thing about this is that these beliefs that you acquired as a child are considered by your subconscious mind as the most important. So if your parents implanted good perceptions and good beliefs, zenlinks then they will help you all your life.

If, however, what they taught you was not good, locallistingz you could have a tendency to lead a destructive life.

For instance, if your parents taught you to believe in yourself and to excel, you will carry that programming into adult hood and you will be successful. If, on the other hand they berated you and belittled your efforts, you will likely approach adulthood with feelings of insecurity about your ability to excel at anything. socialdir

Your first 6 years of life are extremely important in shaping your subconscious mind, because as children you are genetically programmed to model (copy) those around you. You have no frame of reference to compare this information against, biigo so your subconscious mind automatically accepts it as true.

If you are a parent, this is a very important concept to consider. The more you expose your children to something, the greater effect it will have on their future.

It is never too late to begin reprogramming your subconscious mind. If you have negative beliefs about your own abilities to excel or to be successful, wikidirectori you should realize the importance of changing the program. If good things come your way, and your previous mind training has caused you to believe that you should never have those things because you are not capable of using them properly, you will find yourself behaving in a manner that sabotages your ability to keep them.

If you want to succeed, you must first deprogram your self of the limiting process and then reprogram your self with a new success script. Your mind is similar to a computer. What ever programming you install determines how the computer responds.

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