Top 7 Oven Cleaning Hacks You Should Try Out

Scrubbing the oven is likely your least favourite household chore, and yet it is something that must be done. It should not only be done as part of your spring cleaning routine, but also on a regular basis.

Whenever you see the oven in a dirty state, Cleaning Hacks you should take adequate cleaning action. Oven cleaning can become easy if you follow some proven tricks. Implement them all into your routine and you will find out just how easy this task can be.

Mix your own cleaner – you don’t really need to resort to expensive commercial solutions when it comes to cleaning the oven. Instead, you can make your own cleaner at home, which is cheap and very effective. White vinegar and baking soda has always been known as a working cleaning duo, but it does wonders on cleaning ovens. Rub the mix onto the area you want to treat and leave it there for 30 minutes before wiping off.

Clean shelves – some people don’t like to remove the oven racks to clean them. Don’t be like these people. If you want your oven interior to be as clean as possible, gamingzsite you should remove the racks and place them in a large sealable bag. Fill it with an oven cleaner of your choosing and then leave it for 30 minutes. After that, rinse with water and scrub any stubborn burnt-on food particles.

Use the right tool – cleaning the oven with an old toothbrush can save you a lot of time and effort. The soft bristles are ideal for cleaning food residue and the small size allows for easy maneuvering inside the oven. You can even get an electric toothbrush. You can use a glass scraper on the oven floor and door. It will help a lot if you can remove the oven door to clean it properly.

Fight oil with oil – the greasy build-up inside the oven can be easily cleaned with oil. What you need to do is add a few drops of vegetable oil to a paper towel and run it over the greasy areas. You will be surprised by the cleaning outcome.

Deal with smells – if you are not keen on the idea of tolerating cooking smells days after the actual cooking is done, you need to take action against smells. For example, freelancernk fish, while delicious, can be especially pungent. What you need to do is get two drops of citrus or vanilla essence. Add them in an ovenproof bowl and leave it in the oven till it cools off after cooking.

Banish grease with car wax – if built-up grease on the hob is giving you trouble, you can use car wax. Just apply it on a particularly greasy area and wipe away.

Use cream of tartar to polish – using cream of tartar to polish may sound strange, but you should know it is very good for keeping stainless steel shiny and new. Add on a thin cloth, apply on the surface and then wipe.


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